The Park

This stunning contemporary new build had been thoughtfully designed both inside and out to reflect its local Victorian vernacular. The clients were moving from a traditional country home and were struggling with how to make a successful transition into the open plan space. Indigo Acre were asked to put together designs for the lounge, dining and kitchen areas using beautiful fabrics and wall coverings whilst maintaining a cohesive pallet throughout.

What the client said...

Having moved from a traditional house to a fairly contemporary property, we certainly needed professional assistance with the interior design as everything was new to us, particularly the minimalistic treatment and open plan design.

One particular challenge was letting go of the past as it was natural to gravitate towards damasks and primary colours.

The Indigo Acre Team patiently and sympathetically listened to out thoughts and then guided us to a design solution that suited ourselves and the property.

Indigo Acre are very professional, they have a wide range of sample books and keep abreast of the latest developments. Furthermore they will relentlessly research and identify suppliers who can provide something a little different, including, in our case, bespoke furniture.

In essence, Indigo Acre are talented, resourceful and experienced Interior Designers that care about the design form and function as much as you do.

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