Bay Tree Barn

To inject colour into a beautiful home which was a completely blank canvas. The clients were not afraid to use colour but needed guidance on how best to achieve the look they desired and maintain a cohesive colour pallet using the same tones throughout. They also asked for dramatic curtains and blinds using luxurious silks and embroidery.

What the client said...

Having moved into a home in which every room was painted stark white, we found ourselves at a loss as to where and how to begin to add our own style and warmth to the rooms. At this point, staring at our trusty paint colour cards was only serving to stress us even further. And then we met Yvonne.

Yvonne is a lovely mix of fun, colour and design. She instinctively know when to gently nudge us to be more daring, and did this in a way that was really engaging. She's acted as referee at times when we've disagreed on how bold to be with our choices and we very quickly came to trust her advice, as she has only ever offered suggestions with our best interests at heart. She and her team are friendly, warm and inspiring, and their creativity has transformed out home into something beautiful that we adore. We recommend Yvonne and her team without hesitation. They're fantastic!

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