Exploring British interior design, we find a world where artistic collaboration and creativity come together, creating spaces that are both beautiful and reflective of individual styles and cultural stories. 


These interior design collaborations have produced collections that bring a fresh perspective to living spaces, honouring the varied and rich tradition of British design. From charming lamp shades for children’s rooms to stand-out furniture pieces, each collaboration offers a distinct blend of creativity and craftsmanship.


Cath Kidston x DFS


Bringing a burst of joy and nostalgia into British homes, the collaboration between Cath Kidston and DFS is a delightful fusion of iconic patterns and quality craftsmanship. This exclusive collection, handcrafted in Britain, features a range of upholstered sofas, beds, accent chairs, and more, adorned in Cath Kidston’s signature hand-painted prints. From the romantic Forever Rose to the whimsical Summer Birds, each piece is a testament to British design excellence. The focus on recycled fabrics and attention to detail makes this collaboration not just a visual treat but also an eco-conscious choice for home decorators.


Summerill & Bishop x Claridge’s


Summerill & Bishop’s collaboration with Claridge’s Hotel is a celebration of elegance and history. Inspired by Claridge’s Art Deco design, this collection of table linens pays homage to the hotel’s iconic checkerboard lobby. The collaboration is a blend of Summerill & Bishop’s commitment to beauty and magic in everyday objects and Claridge’s unparalleled hospitality. This partnership is more than just a product line; it’s a narrative of shared values and a love for creating special moments around the dining table.


Yinka Ilori x Lick


The Lick x Yinka Ilori Maximalist Brights collection is a vibrant celebration of colour and pattern. Known for his kaleidoscopic upcycling projects, London-based artist Yinka Ilori brings his unique aesthetic to this collaboration. The collection features two striking wallpaper designs and five signature paint colours, each embodying joy and optimism. This collaboration is a perfect fit for those looking to embrace the maximalist home decor trend with a touch of artistic flair.


House of Holland x Habitat


The House of Holland’s collaboration with Habitat is a bold foray into interior design, mirroring elements from their SS17 runway fashion collection. This range is a riot of colours, patterns, and textures, featuring furniture and accessories that make a statement. Drawing inspiration from Bohemian influences, the collection includes references to Noa Eshkol’s distinctive fabrics and playful 3D florals. This collaboration is a daring departure from the conventional, bringing the vibrancy of the runway into the home.


Pooky x Maude Smith


Pooky’s collaboration with Maude Smith, a designer and illustrator, brings a whimsical charm to children’s lampshades. The collection, featuring designs like ‘Flappity Birds’, ‘Sunny Street’, and ‘Furry Folk’, is inspired by Maude’s applique work and botanical painted tiles. These lampshades, available in various shapes and sizes, are perfect for sparking imagination in children’s bedrooms. Maude’s passion for making the everyday beautiful shines through in this collaboration, offering a delightful blend of art and functionality.


The world of interior design is constantly evolving, and these British designer collaborations are at the forefront of this transformation.  Whether it’s through playful patterns, bold colours, or innovative designs, these interior designer collaborations are a testament to the dynamic and diverse nature of British interior design. They remind us that our homes are not just spaces to live in but canvases to express our style and stories.

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