Picture Perfect!

Have you had some old picture frames sitting in your closet or in the loft for years and just never knew what to do with them? Most people do because you may have moved house and forgot you even had them or you may not have known where to put them due to lack of space. Photo frames can look really chic and make your home feel warmer and cosier. A great place to hang them when in doubt is on you stair wall…

If there is one place in your home that you and your family pass several times each day… it is the stairways! It is therefore a good place to hang up family photos that everyone can see and enjoy everyday!

Explore different ways of hanging these frames, instead of hanging them in a perfect line, be bold and try hanging numerous frames on different heights or try tilting the frames so they hang at different angles. I have added some images of some great ideas for you to play around with.

To avoid monotony, it’s also necessary to bring diversity in your exhibition, it will often be variations in the size of the frames…

As an example, in a series of family photos, there will be a mix of small and large frames, Black and White Photos next to colour photos. In a series of black frames, there may be a variety of shapes: round or oval frames are placed with rectangular frames.

Breaking with traditional patterns of alignment can give you’re a home a whole different feel! Have some fun with using some different objects in between all your photos, such as a large letter or a wooden frame with an item inside it like a flower pot or ornament.

Be daring with your wall and bring all your memories and your home to life!

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026 from downstairs

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