Making the most of British summer weather at home!

As we are all very aware the British summer is touch and go at the best of times, therefore we have to make the most of it whenever we can! There are so many simple yet affordable ways to make your outdoor area perfect to help you enjoy the summer days and nights!


Here in the studio we have some great fabrics which are durable for the outdoors, not only are they hardwearing but the colour palette is enough to give you that tropical feeling on the beach! With a mixture of stripes, polka dots, colour blocking and Moroccan shapes there is something for everyone!


Now I can hear you thinking ‘what do we do with all the lovely fabric when it rains?’ These fabrics are waterproof and can stand a good amount of any weather conditions, however, if you do have the space then just pop them in the shed or the storage are you are thinking of keeping them, a bit of advice would be to put them in a plastic box high up to keep them protected from any unfortunate damage, especially throughout the winter.


If you already own garden furniture with seat pads and cushions but are looking for a bit of something to update the set you don’t have to go ahead and cover everything, a great trick is to simply add some bright and cheerful cushions, you’ll be amazed the difference it will make!


On the other hand if you don’t have any garden furniture and aren’t really thinking of buying any, why not try a hammock or floor cushions using the outdoor fabrics? Imagine swinging on your hammock, sun setting and candles lit with your favourite book…all in the peace and comfort of your own garden!




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