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The year has been off to a great start and we can’t believe we are heading to the end of April already! We have been busy with numerous projects and have enjoyed every second working with such amazing clients! In our previous blog, ‘’What a creative year so far!’’, we told you about our Derby clients who loved our ideas and presentation and have gone for a more contemporary feel for their beautiful home. We have been busy with four of their bedrooms which are starting to look amazing. The soft tones have given their home a fresh new look and we have added some real statement pieces like a chaise in one of the guest bedrooms.


We have completed our project over in Nottingham and the outcome was truly a gorgeous living area. The bright colours, golds and luxury finishes really created the opulent feel they were after. We are now designing another room in their home which has a tricky layout. We have come up with some great ideas to get round some of the layout problems. The clients are delighted and we are starting the project soon. We will be using ‘Rococo’ styling throughout the design and bringing in some amazing accessories.

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Recently we have been over to see a client in Leicester and the house is absolutely magnificent. The main areas we are focusing on are the living area, bedroom and we are assisting with the design of the kitchen extension. This is an interesting project because the family are cultural, well travelled and have their own unique style.We are working closely with them so that we can get the best design put together for them and ensure every small detail is covered. We’ll bring you an update soon to let you know how we are progressing.

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It’s been a busy year so far and we enjoy all of our projects because each one is unique and a different. It’s going to be a fun summer and we are excited to be using the new collections. Summer is a great time to experiment with new styles and colours and we love taking clients out of their comfort zone and showing them new ideas!


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