Interior’s of today influneced by The 1920’s!

Last night I sat down to watch a film, I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch television… I was just totally exhausted! The DVD of The Great Gatsby had been sitting there for weeks waiting to be watched; there we go decision made…Great Gatsby it was! It tells a love story set in New York, 1922 when the trendiest thing to do was to dress up to the nines, draped in pearls and pin stripes partying the night away in a secret location!


Now I have always loved the 1920’s era, The fashion, the feathers, pearls, the colours and feel of Hollywood glam… however whilst watching the movie I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of the interiors! This then got me onto researching every website looking for 1920’s interiors I looked at how they used accessories and other details to create the overall look! Oh it didn’t stop there, the interest became deeper leading me to then plough through home living magazines, interior design books from my favourite designers and social medias finding trends that have been inspired by 1920’s…you wouldn’t believe the amount!

A wide variety of accessories can be seen however the one standing out the most was the use of lamps, not just one lamp, oh no…a lot of lamps, with the most extraordinary designed shades including coloured glass, gold trims, tassels and beautiful shimmery neutrals. There would be crystals draping from the ceiling from grand chandeliers, dark berry’s and blacks seamlessly blended with whites and gold’s throughout, gorgeous sharp geometrics dressing the walls and furniture.

pic 1

Most 192Os windows, even in high-style interiors, used plain, straight hung curtains. What made them work with the style of the room was the pattern (if any), the colour, the weave of the fabric, and the type of trim used. Early 2O’s fabrics ran to abstract floral’s or historic designs re-coloured in juicy pastels.


So as you can tell there is a lot to take in when researching interiors in the 20’s but it is so worth it. What was really interesting is to see how the style have been interpreted and modernised throughout the years. The same concept being used with, the odd thing tweaked to enable the interiors to speak of the current trends and must haves…. now I’m off to see what else I can find!

the Great Gatsby ~ by Zuniga Interiors




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