Flower POWER!!!

One of my favourite ways to instantly lighten up your home is to decorate with fresh flowers. This creates a warm and welcoming feel to your home and using the right flowers can make any room look fabulous! Bring fresh, natural beauty to your home with flowers and floral décor.


Floral designs are in for spring 2014 and is everywhere on the high street, whether in fashion or Interior Design. Get inspired with all these gorgeous floral fashions around this season, from romantic to bold, flowers can set any kind of decorative tone. Get inspired by the beauty of nature and bring the prints into your home.

Adding floral design ideas to your home will see it BLOOM this spring! Adding subtle floral prints to your home will give it a real vintage feel but using the right wallpapers and fabrics will give your outdated old home décor the flower power it needs.

An easy way to bring florals into your home is to use the print subtly, don’t over do it and don’t overuse the print in one room alone. Use a subtle floral print fabric for a headboard or some cushions for a bedroom to give it that retro French feel or use a bright floral print wallpaper to really make a statement.

 Have some flirty fun with flowers this year, whether you are bringing in fantastically fresh flowers or using floral prints to inspire your home, be bold and bright and let floral fever take over your home!

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 The dos and don’ts of Floral:

Do: Combine with neutral colours like white, black, brown or even grey so as to avoid too much going on in one room.

Do: Lighten up the prints by accessorising with golds or silvers.

Do:  Don’t overdue floral, use it subtly because you may tire from it quickly. 

Do: Ensure you use colours that go with the same colour family as the floral

Do: Do keep things from getting out of control by sticking to simple accessories. Bold patterns need subdued side pieces so as not to overpower the look altogether.


Don’t: Do not combine different prints together like print sofa and cushion. You are not selling flowers.

Don’t: Never combine check and stripes with floral prints……that is disastrous!

Don’t: Don’t overdo your print mixing. Flowers and animal prints are great patterns, but not necessarily in the same design scheme

Don’t: Don’t go for small and busy patterns together. This looks messy and unkempt. One bold, graphic element will work better to pull your scheme together.

Don’t: Don’t fear a little bit of clash. The key to mixing and matching different prints is to test how far you can go without crossing the line.

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