Five great ways to make your guest room feel like home!

1. Keep room tidy and free of clutter

If your guest room is kept tidy and clutter free it will give a great first impression as your guests enter the room immediately relaxing them. This will also free up space to allow the guests to make themselves at home, having a footstool or chair in the room will also add to the comfort of the room as they will have somewhere to place their belongings. Another great tip is to have a drawer or two empty where things can be placed that the guest wishes not to have on display.


2. Natural and soft lighting

Natural lighting is important in any room and that also includes the guest room, the natural light will make the room feel airy and spacious which will add to the tranquility of their stay. Lamps offer a softer ethos to the room, so perhaps when the guest would like a spot of bed time reading they can use the lamps to relax their mood while they read, they also look great!


3. Personal touches

Finishing touches can really make a huge difference in ensuring the guests feel welcomed in your home. Small things matter such as placing clean towels on the bed, having a few books/magazines on the bedside table, and even family photos, they are a great focus point and put a smile on anyone’s face!


4. Clean bed linen

Let’s face it who doesn’t love the feeling of getting into clean bed linen at night?! Well your guests will be no different, so always ensure that before you have guest round their bed linen is fresh and ready for their arrival. This will ensure a great night sleep charging them up for the great day you’ll have planned together! Another great tip is to always have an extra blanket available for them to grab if they get a little cold in the night as they may not be used to the house temperature.


5. Aroma

The aroma of the room plays a huge part of anyone’s comfort, smells can change our thinking very fast and if we smell an unpleasant aroma it can instantly stamp negativity on any place. Therefore, keeping the guest room smelling fresh at all times is vital, have some kind of air freshener in there and keep the window open before your guest arrives. As the guest room is much more unused than the other rooms ventilating the room and getting fresh air in there is very important. Also fresh flowers are a great touch, not only do they smell divine they look stunning too!

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