Excitement for Autumn/Winter’14 New Ranges!


It’s that time of year again, the sun shines, the weather gets warmer and the days become longer and longer. Don’t get us wrong we are very excited that summer has finally arrived but what has got us even more excited is that summer means new fabric and wallpaper ranges for Autum/Winter’14 are coming our way!!

Over the past few weeks we have had reps from each of our suppliers visit us in the studio with plenty of new fabrics and wallpapers for us to gush over! As soon as we get that phone call telling us a rep will be visiting us shortly we can never contain our excitement…we book them in as soon as possible and wait patiently for them to arrive at our door…it’s like waiting for Father Christmas to drop of all the Christmas presents!

photo-4 (2)   A bit of bed time reading!

As the reps come into the studio they are always lumbering bags and bags of fabrics and books, this sight brings us so much joy…but not as great as when we actually see what they have brought along to show us. One of the most exciting things to see is how the designers have transformed their already fantastic range into something that is updated but still shows their unique style.

photo 1 (6)    ”They’ve arrived…lets open it!’

Our imagination runs away as we think about how we could use the fabrics presented, as we see them one by one hearing there pros & cons. We can’t help but start linking the styles of what we see to the style of our current clients and clients we will shortly begin to work with. It doesn’t take us long to decide which ones are for us…the majority of the time we take the whole range! There are no limits to what we can use the fabrics for here at Indigo Acre, there are no barriers as we bold and unique with our style, this is probably the reason we are like two little girls in a sweet shop!

photo (19) More boards, time to decorate the studio!

There has been times when we have fell in love with a range that we ordered samples from the rep then and there as we were too impatient to wait for the books to be delivered…if you saw them you wouldn’t blame us, they were amazing! In the moment of madness ordering the parts of the new range we fail to remember that the space here in the studio is rapidly becoming limited due to so many books, samples, stock etc! This is where the reps come in to the rescue, it would take us a whole day working from a discontinued list going through each individual book selecting and discarding the books no longer available, and so the reps kindly help us out by doing this for us in about 10 minutes…lovely!! And now not only do we have much more space for the new books to be homed but we have a fresh new variety to work with…and let me tell you…we can’t wait!!




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