Decorating with Style by Abigail Ahern

So the decorations are boxed away back in the loft, the tree is no where to be seen and the Christmas pudding and mulled wine have all been consumed…yes that’s right the festive season is well and truly passed! Is it just us but now the Christmas decorations are away does the house seem a little bare? We know it could just be our imagination but something seems missing or maybe we are just bored of what was there before the Christmas tree and fancy a bit of a switch around for the new year!


As this was running through my thoughts I spotted a book on the shelf that I had totally forgotten about so I reach over to grab it, open it and the first thing I see is ‘The Details’, I begin to read! This book is by Abigail Ahern who is an interior designer, author, retailer, TV presenter and has been stated by the Sunday times as ‘the woman rocking the world of interiors’ as she continues to show us how to work just about anything from lighting to book shelves to even making a statement piece out of tin cans…what’s not to love!


Abigail is all about making your space unique and customised by you, as she once said ‘you cant get this look from one store, whether it be a chain like Ikea or a designer like Ralph Lauren’, as I read on I come across some great tips on how to effectively fill in those unwanted empty spaces.


Decorative statements add layers and the more layers the better, don’t worry about mixing it all up – add a giant lamp, a rug and art work, inject warmth with cushions, vases, books, flowers, mirrors and scents…all the things that make you feel at home when you step through the door! As Abigail states ‘there are no limitations, personal keepsakes give a room soul and make it intriguing’ however they may take time to prefect them to seem like they have just been thrown together but that’s the fun of it!


And what a great way to accessorise an empty space by using all the things you treasure; here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Stick to two to three colours
  • Vary the heights of your display items and don’t worry about leaving space between them
  • Layer the item instead of lining them up
  • If you cant see smaller items from a far…put them somewhere else
  • Mix, mix, mix…eras, styles, textures and patterns!


Here at Indigo Acre we are big fans of wall art as it is one of the easiest ways to inject personality into a room, when we say wall art we mean anything from personal photos, contemporary paints, modern art and even framed posters! When it comes to arranging art the frame plays a part too, think about your existing interiors and try to mix match to give the are character and try not to worry too much about making everything perfectly aligned. Art is a great conversation starter too, there is always history when it comes to any piece, however Abigail reminds of the ‘one rule when buying art: if you don’t love don’t but it!’

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