A day in the life of an interior designer!

So the morning ritual starts, first things first, grab a coffee so that I can face the emails, enquiries and faxes that have been mounting up on my desk needing attention. When done I head off upstairs ….we have been working on a really exciting project for a lovely client in Walton on the Wolds. The large fabric samples arrived today for this project so its interesting to see how they now fit so beautifully with the choices we have already made. The lighting & accessories are next on the agenda. The lighting takes so much time but is crucial to the overall look & feel of the room. The accessorizing bit is fun though………………

Can’t believe it is lunchtime, where did the morning go, time for a sandwich, well not strictly true, time for a quick coffee and a mouthful of cake! I have a visit planned from the Romo rep this afternoon, it’s so much fun looking at the new collections, my imagination runs away with me, so many beautiful fabrics, so many choices, where to begin!

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After his visit I quickly check my emails, another two enquiries and another request to visit on work experience. Oh if only we had more time/desk space to help everyone who wants to come & join usfor a day or two.

There are several other open cases needing my attention, so I just check progress on a job in Nottingham, making sure the plumber has put the new pipe work in the correct place. One mistake can make a whole load of extra work for everyone….phew looks like all’s well, back to the office, only to be met with a huge truck on my drive, forgot about that delivery today. We are now surrounded by a sea of boxes, but we love this, it’s like Christmas!


Suddenly remember I need to go into town to pick up some buttons to cover for a client wanting buttons on their footstool, we are going to have them upholstered in a selection of teal & slate greys, they will look lovely…….. Stop by the door of the deli in town, the smell of coffee is very tempting…..do I have time to pop in & have a coffee? Glancing at my watch its 4.05pm, now back to the office or I’ll still be here at 7pm like last night.

I’ve missed several phone calls whilst I’ve been out (all of 10 mins), better follow those up or I have more to do in the morning. Suddenly remembered there’s a new client needing help with paint colours by tomorrow as her decorator has had a late cancellation, this is going to take a few hours to choose & make sure they work well in different lights……………………oh well I suppose a salad will keep till 7pm!

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