A day at Chelsea Harbour Design Show!

The day was Tuesday 23rd September, Yvonne and I were making our way to train station to catch a train  to London Euston, that’s right the time had finally arrived…we were beginning our adventure to the design show in Chelsea Harbour. Now this was the first time for myself and let me tell you I was overly excited and looking forward to seeing what the show had to offer! I was itching to get there and begin to explore all the wonderful fabrics and accessories in person and whiteness how the show would present them to the public.

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 On arrival we grabbed a quick lunch and jumped in a taxi to the Chelsea Harbour, first things first sign in and get our goody bag! As we walked through I wasn’t sure where to look, there was a beautiful black display of fish draping from the glass top, the building was a dome shape made of four floors, we began on ground making our way through the stores.

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Camera at the ready we began our little adventure, as I began to look at the fabrics I began to recognise the fabrics I had used for presentations in the past! Being able to see the fabrics in full length as opposed to small portion shown in the fabric books really gave a different opinion and feel for the fabrics!

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The fabrics were not the only thing that had us excited like children in a sweet shop…the lighting!! We came across some fantastic lighting that amazed us! Lighting made entirely from glass, shades shaped like hats and even made from feathers!! Yes feathers and this particular table lamp even had legs and feet!  I’m guessing you can see from the photos which lamp this was…isn’t it great…this was our favorite!

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Once we had a good look around the show, we then took a taxi to King’s Road; here we entered the Designers Guild store! As soon as I entered I couldn’t decide what to look at first, it was fascinating! Not only was the store itself looking absolutely stunning but the building was so interesting, with different levels and a rustic feel to it including bright colours and bold designs. We began our way around the store only to find an outdoor area on the upper level, this area was so private and mystical filled with rusting pots and greenery to keep the area hidden from the hustle and bustle of London! It was so peaceful and calming, we both could have happily stayed here for the rest of the day however we had more to explore…so off we went!

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Close by the Designers Guild store across the road was the Osborne & Little store, now this setting was different to Designers Guild as the fabrics were set up in rows as opposed to displayed with accessories that give you a show home feel. This was great though as I could searched through the fabrics and take some samples back to the studio as the new range was yet to arrive with us!

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Before we knew it time had flown by and we had a short time before our train was due, so we had a lovely evening meal and headed back to the station with all our samples and goody bags! Oh yes…I should quickly mention that Yvonne spotted a celebrity at the train station! Yes she spotted Freddie Flintoff, and then to our surprise he was also on our train back…unfortunately we were too shy to get a photo but what a great way to end such a lovely day!



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