What a creative year so far!

Sometimes all you need for a great idea is something small to inspire you. It can be easy to feel uninspired and not very creative when it comes to home interiors but an easy way to break from this is to get some inspiration from a piece of art, fabric or cultural piece.

This past month we have been introduced to the ‘Black Edition’ collection which is an exciting collaboration with Jessica Zoob. The collection is a great example of work that has been inspired by certain artefacts, designs or an interesting object that has created such a creative range. The collection was formed through a culmination of ideas and original artwork that has been the main inspiration behind the new Black Edition. The collection was created by incorporating couture fashion, Abstract art, folk embroidery, Indian designs and glass mosaics.



It’s always an exciting time working with new collections using some new and exciting papers and fabrics. Prestigious Textiles recently launched an interesting new collection, with a mix of neutrals and bright tones. One of our favourite which has been mentioned in one of our previous blogs, ‘What to look out for in 2014’ is an Eastern influenced design. We love how Prestigious Textile’s Tanomah collection brings out some bright colours and textures in a fun way to create the right look for a client who is interested in achieving an Eastern design.


Working with our clients from Derby since the beginning of the year has been such a pleasure. It’s been great to see how much trust they have put in our designs as they wouldn’t normally have chosen the styles that we have created for them. It’s great to see clients getting out of their comfort zone and trying something different. We are currently working alongside Holmfields of Leicester, who are re-fitting the bedrooms.

Here’s a sneaky peak at some of the ideas we are implementing on some of our projects….

This STUNNING silk by Designers Guild is brought to life by using a coloured acrylic pole in green by Walcot House.



This calm, neutral scheme is for a dining room we are currently working on.



These beautiful fabrics and wallpaper are from the new Osborne and Little Eden collection by Matthew Williamson. This is the décor for a guest bedroom we are currently working on.


We’ll keep you updated on these projects and others we are currently working on!

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