A sneak peak into Spring Trends 2015!

We aren’t quite sure where February went but we are back with another blog this month showing you all the trends of Spring 2015 that are grasping the attention of many near and far. With every new season comes fresh colour and new perspectives on wardrobes and living space. Hence, fashion and interior designers put together the tools to create the newest and most popular trends, therefore interior design in fact influences fashion and vice versa.


During September fashion week, the direction of up coming fashion trends is revealed. However, clothing designers are not the only influenced by fashion week, the following trends will show how easily the beautiful concepts can be easily integrated from runway to room.

Now, for many of us the runway outfits seem a little too avant-garde to ever wear in reality but that doesn’t stop us being influenced, for every beaded hair piece there is a fringed lampshade and for every floral dress there is a wall papered in tropical wall covering.



Bringing together a classic but modern style this ball gown is covered in s broken mosaic effect which is utterly stunning, debuted at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week by Carolina Herrera’s Spring Collection. The statement wall in the room shows just how effective geometrics can be and that they work in any colour to give the room the ethos you wish to create.

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Black and White Graphic Prints

The black and white colour scheme has been around for some time now and is not stranger to many designers as it has been played out in different styles throughout the decades. Sharp contrasts in modern prints continue to grace the world of design, as seen in the dress and the room above, it can be easily implemented within any living space.


Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is set to stay around for some time; it is bold enough to stand on its own or to act as an accent hue with the ability to complement the lighter blues in the colour family. These deep blues are being incorporated into home design too, as pictured though the attractive integration of textiles and wall hangings.


As you can see the upcoming trends for Spring 2015 are set to be as stunning as ever, and so easy to add to your home!

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